Who are we ?

Established 30 years ago by a different owner, Sandra Legros took over the salon and rebranded it as Salon So Blonde in 2015. The salon has evolved and changed its style in order to remain attentive to its customer's needs.  Since then, the salon has continuously been evolving in order to cater to our ever-growing clientele.

Our expertise, know-how and continuous training are the assets that set us apart.

Salon So Blonde offers coloring, cutting, balayage, updos  and at home service for weddings. We also carry many professional hair products.

Thanks to the passion that drives our hairdressers, we are able to offer our clients a unique experience that will make the time spent at Salon So Blonde unforgettable.

"Blond is more than a color. "

Blond has always been THE color that best represents femininity, glamor, style and the embodiment of fashion icons.

We will be able to satisfy all your desires, whether they are blondes, brunettes or redheads.


 Owner - Hairstylist & Colorist

With a French academic background (certificat d'aptitude professionnel, brevet professionnel) and a L'Oréal Professionnel Paris training, Sandra has been passionately devoted to the arts of hairdressing for over 22 years. She previously owned and managed a hair salon in the French West Indies and moved to Quebec in 2013. Ever since, she has practiced her profession in various salons and participated in various photo shoots before acquiring the So Blonde salon in April 2015. The latter has been based in Vieux-Longueuil for over 30 years.

Combining her expertise in entrepreneurship and her mastery of hairdressing, she instills a modern and trendy image to her salon. Wishing to share her know-how and the skills she has acquired over the years, she is part of the artistic educator's team for L'Oréal Professionnel. She also participates in the Portfolio L'Oréal Professionnel national trainings in various Canadian cities. Her expertise is also sought after in regards to assisting with model preparations for events featuring L'Oréal Professionnel's new seasonal trends.

Her professionalism and passion enables her to offer a unique experience to her loyal customers.

Being attentive and concerned about a job well done is an integral part of the success of her business.



Tanya graduated in 2001 and has been working at So Blonde for the past 18 years. Thanks to her years of experience, she has built a solid and authentic relationship with her clients. 

Her loyal clientele has complete confidence in her because she practices her profession with rigor and constancy. Due to the fact that she has been employed at the salon for many years, she has been able to gain the trust of her clientele and is constantly motivated by the desire to improve her skills and acquire new hairstyling techniques.

Tanya regularly participates in advanced training sessions offered by L'Oréal Professionnel. Armed with new ideas and knowledge, she offers her clients the latest trends while ensuring that their unique needs are met and respected.

Warm, friendly and attentive to others, Tanya brilliantly combines her professional skills with her excellent social abilities Thanks to her attention to detail and thoroughness, she will be able to meet your needs and make your visit to the salon an experience you will want to repeat.


Hairstylist & Colorist

Simon graduated in 2010 from l'Académie de coiffure Renée Duval, owned by his grandmother. His passion for hairdressing is clearly a family affair. For the last 10 years, his determination and his passion for the profession have allowed him to develop his talent and to let it flourish. 

With his great personality and his dedication to his art, he has been invited to participate in several photo shoots and filmings, notably for URBANIA (La Presse+). He was also asked to create hairstyles for the Gémeaux and the ADISQ gala. Furthermore, his passion for hairstyling has led him to do Élise Duguay's hair, Céline Dion's backup singer at the Colosseum at Ceasar's Palace in Las Vegas.

Always on the lookout for new trends and techniques, he regularly attends L'Oréal Professionnel conventions and training sessions. This allows him to provide his clients with a personalized, pleasant and memorable experience.


Styliste & Coloriste

She started her hairdressing studies in 2012 in a CFA (certificat d'aptitude professonnel) in Le Mans, France.

She graduated in 2014 with a CFA followed by a brevet professionnel.  

Passionate about hairdressing since she was a little girl, this career path was a very natural step. During her years of training, she has had the opportunity to be involved in the world of hair shows and competitions, both as a competitor and as a model. That is why she will be able to listen and share her ideas with you.

From the very beginning of her career in hairdressing, she already had the idea of travelling abroad to work, and Canada seemed like the obvious choice.

The culture, the environment as well as the Canadian people attracted her to the country. Ever since she joined the team in August 2020, her professionalism and her cheerfulness has been able to satisfy her clients' expectations.


Styliste - Coloriste - Esthétique

Esthetician and manicurist by training, Irina arrived in Quebec in 2010. With determination and ambition, she trained in hairdressing in order to broaden her skills in the beauty industry. After having successfully completed it, she worked in a salon in Montreal, before finally joining the So Blonde salon team. Irina regularly participates in conferences and training with L'Oréal Professionnel in order to refine her art. She develops her clientele as a stylist & colorist and integrates her nail care services there. Wishing to deepen her knowledge in the field of aesthetics, she participated in a training course for eyelashes and eyebrows. Thus it can offer a greater variety of care and meet the needs of a wider clientele.

With several strings to her bow, Irina will take care of you from your hair to the tips of your nails. She will meet your expectations with professionalism and delicacy. Irina will receive you with attention and will be able to give you a privileged experience.

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